Maiyo TV

We improved Maiyo TV a lot! Now we have a new Design which is very easy to use. In addition to that we’ve add ne TV channels including BBC One, BBC Two, itv1 and many more!
Our revolutionary online TV website will allow you to watch over 200 Digital channels via optimized streaming technology. You will have full and constant access to all the aforementioned channels from any location on the globe! Have all this and more, for FREE! In addition, you won’t need any dishes, boxes or software to activate our service. All you need is internet downstream bandwidth of 3 Mbit/s or higher for the smoothest playback experience and Adobe Flash Player 10.x or above. Think of what we are offering you. Full, constant, High-Definition access to over 200 of the world’s greatest networks and programming. Watch Sports, Movies and entertainment channels live on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch wherever you are in the world with a Wi-Fi, broadband or 3G connection. You can even play movies instantly on your laptop in the new Maiyo TV website. What are the benefits of Maiyo TV? Unlimited access for FREE – never pay for each TV channel or movie. All-in-one membership – receive full access to “Maiyo TV” TV channels and movie database. No additional software or hardware required – click and watch!